Before taking the road

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, a motor trip is more enjoyable and stress-free if you are properly prepared. Here are some travel tips to smooth your way.

Vehicle Readiness – A Quick Check List:


  • Tire tread: If your tires are worn enough to hurt your ability to start, stop and steer in the weather and road conditions you expect to encounter have them replaced. 
  • Tire Pressure: Check that your tires are inflated to the correct pressure. That includes your spare tire. Make sure you have a jack and tire iron in the vehicle. 
  • Brake Check: Have your brakes serviced if they are squealing, grinding, chattering or if your brake pedal is spongy or overly hard. 
  • Fluids: Check that all of your fluids are topped off. 
  • Routine Maintenance: If you have any maintenance services like an oil change that is overdue or would come due on your trip, take care of them before you go – many will help you get better fuel economy. 
  • Visibility: Clean your windows inside and out, replace worn wiper blades, take extra wiper fluid for a long trip, clean your headlights and replace any dim or burned out light bulbs. 
  • Professional Check: Ask your service if they will give your vehicle a trip inspection. Avoiding a breakdown on a trip will be well worth the cost of the inspection.



Emergency Preparedness:


  • Plan your route, noting the locations of needed services along your route. 
  • Tell someone about your travel plans, your route and timetable. Arrange for times to check-in so that help can be summoned if something goes wrong. 
  • Designate emergency contacts in your cell phone by adding “ICE” to the contacts name (ICE Husband, ICE Doctor, etc.). ICE stands for “in case of emergency” and allows emergency personnel to know who to contact if something should happen to you. 
  • Take emergency supplies appropriate to where you are traveling and the possible weather conditions and temperatures. Food, water, cash, and a light source are the basics. Add clothing, blankets and shelter items as appropriate for the trip. 
  • Bring along some basic tools



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